Powertree Services has designed and developed the market leading integrated solution for providing clean power, clean driving, and a clean and more reliable electric service while benefiting the Property Owner, the Driver, the Tenant and the Grid.

Custom designed for multi-tenant property services and backed by major partners including Panasonic, Powertree delivers:

  • Flat rate “all you can eat” charging services for all current plug in vehicles  at 1/3 or less than the cost of gasoline. (BMW, Tesla, Nissan, Smart, Fiat, Chevy, Ford, Mercedes, etc.)
  • Generates on site renewable electricity for your tenants or building use creating savings for the tenant and rent + value for the owner.
  • Provides all needed management and customer services so you don’t have to.
  • Pays rent and is zero money out of pocket for the property owner.
  • Increases safety of building with optional off-grid backup power.
  • Complies with new (2014) and future state laws mandating plug-in vehicle charging support.
  • Supports a cleaner, less expensive and more reliable power grid.