Meet the POWERTREE team

At POWERTREE we’ve assembled a skilled team of entrepreneurs and industry veterans to deliver on our vision:

To design and develop the market leading integrated multi-family solution for providing clean power, clean driving, and a clean and more reliable electric service that benefits the property owner, the driver, the tenant and the grid.

The engineering team lead and CEO have worked together for over 20 years and successfully produced over 30 hardware, software and web products together.

Stacey Reineccius

CEO & Technology Officer

Energy storage pioneer. Multiple patents in energy storage. 1st successful IPO for multi-protocol fiber network fault monitoring and control system deployed by Sprint, Verizon. Serial entrepreneur founding Quicknet Technologies (Sold to AT&T/Net2Phone) pioneering in OpenSource Voice over IP, Founder of Stem Inc. (NYSE: STEM) pioneering in Electric Load Leveling and grid storage . Solar Design, policy and sales. UC Berkeley – Computer Science program; US Army, 6 years, PSYOPS.

Frank Gobar


39+ years in construction design, management ofr single home, multi-family, sub-division, mixed use low and mid-rise commercial developments. Mr. Gobar has provided solar installation for residential and small commercial projects since the late 1970s. Mr. Gobar holds a B, C33 and C46 license; and his staff members hold C10 and B licenses. BA Business Administration, Golden Gate University.

Mike Hamann

VP, Business Development

15 years of energy sales for commercial customers with a focus on multi-family since 2018. Mr. Hamann is deeply skilled in electricity tariffs, renewable incentives, solar, energy storage and controls. Sold over 500,000 MWhrs of electricity worth over $79 million dollars in diverse markets across the country. San Diego State University Economics program.

John Sellers

Lead Engineer

Multi-faceted programming for embedded, application and web products. Original senior programmer for Wordstar 1.0 with continuous experience in various aspects. Former Sr. SW Architect – Stem Inc., Quicknet Technologies VOIP, MA Physics, Captain/Navigator USAF (ret.)

Scott Barnard

Senior Software Engineer – Server/Web/DB

Senior Information Architect/User Experience Designer with over 15 years od experience in digital and UX strategy consulting and ~100 projects completed. MS Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT.

Joe Azure

Technical Lead – Mobile Apps

Designer, architect, developer and manager for the creation of internet applications, wireless provisioning systems, high-performance java back-end database layers, enterprise desktop applications and software developer tools. Formerly with Apple, Strava, Garvin GPS. BA Industrial Engineering, Stanford University.