Powetree’s unique system allows the more than 40% of the California population (35% nationwide) who live in multi-tenant properties to benefit from new technologies and cost saving services such as solar power, plug-in electric vehicles and a cleaner more reliable power supply.

Owners of multi-tenant buildings face a rising demand from tenants, drivers and new regulations that combine to require them to install, manage, upgrade electric services and support electric vehicles. With Powertree Services owners can turn this potentially costly and burdensome situation into new value and make their properties more attractive and more profitable without having to lay out their own capital or management time.

Powertree creates multiple revenue streams to multi-tenant building owners.

  • Powertree rents installation space from the owner assuring value to the property owner and avoiding having to sacrifice valuable parking to meet EV regulatory requirements.
  • Provides valuable new amenities to tenants without major modification or capital outlay.
  • In addition, the owner receives as rent from Powertree a revenue share on the activities of the station and their portion of network based operations.
  • Every new participant adds value to current members through the network.

What does the Property owner have to do?

  • Have a qualifying property approved by Powertree after a site visit.
  • Agree to allow Powertree installation, management and control of the equipment, parking spaces and access used by Powertree.
  • Promote the service to their tenants.